Dead Shot


A bullet hole filled font that evokes an authentic wild west era grit.



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Step into the wild, wild west with Dead Shot, the typeface that oozes grit and authenticity. With each stroke and curve, this spooky font takes you on a journey straight into a dusty town filled with secrets and danger. It’s like your very own time machine back to an era of gunslingers and desperados.

Dead Shot is not your ordinary typeface; it’s packed full of character that will make every word jump off the page like bullet holes in a saloon door. Its rough edges add an air of mystery while its aged appearance gives it an authentic vintage feel. Whether you’re working on a poster for a haunted ghost town or designing a menu for your favorite cowboy-themed restaurant, Dead Shot will instantly transport your audience to the eerie depths of the old west.

But don’t let its haunting aesthetic fool you – Dead Shot is also highly versatile and practical. With bold uppercase letters and legible lowercase characters, this typeface ensures readability without sacrificing style. It can effortlessly convey both menace-filled messages or whimsical western charm, depending on how you wield it. So saddle up and unleash Dead Shot‘s macabre magic upon your designs to give them that spine-chilling edge they’ve been missing!

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Includes Uppercase (A-Z)


Includes Lowercase (a-z)

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Includes Numerals (0-9)