Fanger: Vampire fang font for undead, chilling text.



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Introducing Fanger, the font that’ll make your text come alive… or should I say undead! This sharp vampire fang style typeface will send shivers down your readers’ spines as they peruse your chilling documents. With its jagged edges and sinister curves, Fanger embodies the essence of horror and darkness, perfect for Halloween invitations, haunted house posters, or anything that needs a touch of eerie elegance.

But don’t be fooled by its spooky appearance; Fanger isn’t just about looks. Its unique design ensures maximum readability without sacrificing the spine-tingling effect you desire. The elongated fangs evoke a sense of danger while maintaining each letter’s clarity. Whether it’s titling an ominous chapter in a horror novel or adding some Gothic flair to a website header, this haunting font guarantees an unforgettable impact.

With Fanger on hand, unleashing your inner cryptkeeper has never been easier – it’s specifically crafted to enhance any macabre project with bone-chilling finesse. As you wield this wicked typeface like a vampire wields its fangs at night, prepare yourself for compliments from fellow monsters who know true darkness when they see it. So go ahead and embrace the macabre beauty of Fanger;

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Includes Uppercase (A-Z)


Includes Numerals (0-9)