Scum Rot


Scum Rot: a single-style, drippy san serif font inspired by vintage punk posters, ideal for adding a touch of rebellious macabre to your Halloween designs.


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Greetings, you ghastly ghouls and gruesome goblins! Prepare to be bewitched by Scum Rot, the font that will infuse a dose of rotten rebellion into your designs. This drippy san serif, with its wicked style, channels the malevolent influence of vintage punk posters and the gritty allure of 1980s low-budget horror films.

Scum Rot isn’t just a font; it’s a rebellion against the ordinary. With its gritty aesthetic inspired by 1980s low-budget horror films, each letter tells a tale of macabre defiance. Picture the flickering lights of a midnight punk show, and you’ll grasp the essence of Scum Rot. This font isn’t for the faint-hearted; it’s for those who seek to infuse their designs with an untamed spirit, echoing the rebellious energy of an era that embraced decay and rebellion. Embrace the raw and unfiltered vibe of Scum Rot as it transports your projects to the shadows of unconventional creativity.


  • Drippy Malevolence: Each letter of Scum Rot, akin to melted wax, drips and slithers with an eerie grace, leaving a trail of decay in its wake. This unique aesthetic transports you to the shadowy realm of horror, adding an authentic touch of macabre rebellion to your designs.
  • Inspired by Punk Posters: Scum Rot draws inspiration from the rebellious and gritty designs of old punk posters, infusing your projects with a raw and untamed energy reminiscent of the rebellious spirit of the 1980s.
  • Perfect for Halloween Season: Whether you’re conjuring up designs for haunted events, horror-themed parties, or spooky promotions, Scum Rot is the ideal font to set the stage for a chilling Halloween season. Let your creativity run wild and embrace the rebellious spirit of the font.
  • Letters, Numerals & Simple Punctuation: Scum Rot provides a complete set of characters, including letters, numerals, and simple punctuation, allowing you to craft a variety of spine-chilling messages and designs.
  • OTF File Format: The font is conveniently packaged in the OpenType Font (OTF) format, ensuring compatibility with various design software and platforms.

Indulge in the gritty rebellion of Scum Rot, and let your designs resonate with the untamed spirit of 1980s horror. Transform your projects into a visual journey through the shadows, where decay meets rebellion in a dance of macabre elegance.

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