Ecto Script


An ectoplasm-slimed font for busting out some perfectly haunted designs.



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Are you tired of using the same old boring fonts? Seeking to add a touch of otherworldliness to your designs? Look no further than Ecto Script, the ectoplasm slimed typeface that will send shivers down your spine! This hauntingly beautiful font is perfect for horror movie posters, Halloween party invitations, or any project that needs a dash of eerie elegance.

With its ghoulishly flowing curves and ghostly wisps, Ecto Script brings an ethereal element to your typography like never before. Each letter drips with ectoplasmic goo, creating an unsettling yet captivating effect that will leave viewers spellbound. The jagged edges and mysterious shadows lend an air of mystery and intrigue to every word written in this paranormal font.

But don’t let its supernatural appearance fool you – Ecto Script is also highly versatile and easy-to-use. With multiple ligatures and stylistic alternates included in the package, you can customize each letter to suit your desired spook factor. Whether you’re designing brochures for a haunted house attraction or creating bone-chilling book covers, this eerie typeface guarantees maximum impact on all things spooky!

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Includes Uppercase (A-Z)


Includes Numerals (0-9)