Sangre Oscura


A menacing 1970s influenced horror font with hand drawn Giallo beauty.



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Introducing Sangre Oscura, a menacing typeface straight from the depths of vintage 70s foreign horror movies. This eerie and captivating font will transport your designs into a world of chilling dread. With its spine-chilling curves and hauntingly beautiful serifs, Sangre Oscura is perfect for adding a touch of macabre to your posters, album covers, book titles, or any other creative project. Prepare to unleash the dark magic of horror onto your designs!

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, Sangre Oscura strikes the perfect balance between elegance and terror. Its elaborate letterforms dance on the edge of sanity, exuding an aura that commands attention and sends shivers down one’s spine. Each character in this typographic nightmare captures the essence of classic foreign horror films from decades past, embodying their unsettling visuals and eerie atmosphere.

Dare to be different with Sangre Oscura! Unlike ordinary typefaces that fail to ignite fear within viewers’ hearts, this font possesses an unworldly power capable of captivating audiences like never before. Watch as heads turn in awe at the sheer audacity exhibited by this wicked creation as it breathes life into every word you write or display. Unleash your inner cryptkeeper with Sang

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